Filosofía i Serveis


"Flor de Romani" mission is to make easy to come back to quality cookery as our ancestors did, on an easy way, but with the originality and the variety of actual time. Our products are natural, conceived and selected carefully in order to be able to prepare a good meal in an easy and quick way. Of course without forgetting the quality, the tasty and the originality of a healthy food that all the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet has got. They are handmade produced from the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, natural and first quality products. Rosemary, olive oil, olives, garlic, honey or tomato are some of the ingredients of our sauces and vinaigrettes, perfect to go with any type of dish: salads, vegetables, meat, fish, regardless of the way they are cooked (grilled, baked or stewed).

A Flor de Romaní la qualitat és fonamental i es troba present en tots els processos. En la selecció dels ingredients, durant el procés d'elaboració i fins i tot, després de l'entrega del producte al consumidor.

Els valors de la nostra marca son els ingredients naturals, que formen part de la dieta mediterrània, i presenten una qualitat optima. L'elaboració sense gelatines, ni farines per espessir, ni colorants, ni conservants químics permet mantenir la naturalitat i la qualitat fins al

In "Flor de Romani", quality is basic and it is a constant feature in all the processes: during the ingredients selection, during the manufacturing process, even after the product has been delivered to the customer.

We are very interested in knowing what the consumer of our products thinks, this way we can offer you exactly what you need and what you like the best. So, don't mind in emailing us, giving your opinion about our products, and the feelings you had, of course you can send innovative recipes… You will be rewarded.

Our slogan:

"Healthy food, to eat in a healthy and fast way"

Perquè menjar ràpid no vol dir menjar malament.

Healthy eating, together with healthy lifestyle, makes our appearance better and makes us feel better too. As well as it helps in enjoying life, it reduces the risk to suffer cardiovascular illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity or anemia among others.