"Flor de Romani" was born in 2002, in "Banyoles", the capital of "Pla de l'Estany", by the hand of Toni Piqué, a very important cooker with more than 15 years of experience in the catering business. It was born with the idea of offering a type of quality fast food, as a result of the increasing demand on the natural quality products, easy and fast to prepare.

Our reason d'être: The current pace of life has caused the loss of rich diets and we have lost the quality of home cooking.

"Flor de Romaní" is aware that the daily life doesn't let us dedicate many time to cook, and we also know that the society doesn't want to renounce to a quality and a variety diet, so we bet on producing sauces, vinaigrettes, and aromatized oils to be the perfect accompaniment to have a healthy diet, natural and tasty. They are delicious and high quality products, easy to use in our daily diet.